Remember Willie Murphy, the granny who weighs 105 and deadlifts 215 pounds? Well scratch that M&Fers! Ms. Murphy went on The Rachel Ray Show this week and set a new personal best by nailing a deadlift of 225 pounds while blowing kisses to the audience!

This lady is quite something. Take a look at the 13 WHAM news report below. She does one-hand pullups, one-hand pushups, and her attitude to life is something we can all learn from. “Life is full of great expectations, but you have to put yourself out there to realize all the beautiful things that can happen to you,” says the World Natural Powerlifting Federation champion.

Not only does this self-taught lifter excel at her sport, she also helps and counsels other gym goers, with one calling her “Miss Motivator.” And get this, Murphy’s personal record was completely unplanned! She turned up to tape her segment on The Rachel Ray Show and the plates they had totaled 225 pounds. The pressure of appearing on TV and the fact that she was trying to attempt a weight she had never lifted before seemed to have no impact on the little lady, as she nailed it. Check out the report for the full story. More power to you, Willie Murphy!