Internet Comedian Sprays Water at Gym-Goers who Stare at their Phones

His method for dealing with the annoying problem is creative, to say the least.

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We’ve all been there: There’s a machine at the gym that you really want to use, but the bozo on it is too busy checking Instagram or playing some stupid game. You walk away for a bit, thinking they might finish up soon, but return to find them still on it 20 minutes later.

You could politely ask them to step off … or, if you’re Internet prankster @nasnino, you take matters into your own hands.

The social media funnyman uploaded an Instagram video in which he sprays water at people hogging the machines, and including some people who are actively lifting.

Check it out here:


The Instagrammer has a history of annoying people in public. His other clips show him tossing towels on shoppers' heads, squeezing rubber chickens in people's ears, and fake sneezing on unsuspecting victims. Those clips are pretty funny.

We’re a little split on his gym prank, though—on one hand, he's addressing one of the biggest gym problems head on. There’s a difference between quickly glancing at your phone or skipping a song on your playlist between sets and hogging a machine for what seems like forever.

But do this particular prank to the wrong person, and you’re guaranteed to start a fight. Perhaps a better strategy would be to follow legendary bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno’s advice: tell that person to get serious or get out. 

“My suggestion to you is to say to him … if you don’t want to work out, don’t waste your time at the gym,” Ferrigno said in an Instagram post. The Incredible Hulk also suggests moving on to a different machine and complaining to the manager.

Nasnino's method might be a little bit more creative, but he does have a point—you’re at the gym to train, not gawk at your phone.

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