Meet Gwendolyn Rojas, 10, who placed first in the 44kg Girls 13 and under class at the National Youth Championships in Daytona Beach this past June, and who was the subject of a recent profile in The Portsmouth Herald by Mike Zhe.

Zhe interviewed the young lifter and her parents, Ivan Rojas and Gwen Sisto (who both have a long history in the sport), to find out what makes the young athlete tick and what motivates her to want to be a world champ and compete at the Olympics. While this is the first time she has been featured on this site, Muscle & Fitness Advisory Board member Mike O’Hearn was singing her praises on Instagram a few months ago when he posted the following message and video:

“Say hello to Gwendolyn Rojas (LG), Team Risto Sports, she’s 10 yrs old and has better form and strength than most people I see training @ Golds Venice. This is another example of my belief of No Limits. These are the kind of people I hang with, people who don’t have ceilings, don’t put limits on things.”