Wichita State’s Tekele Cotton had a footprint on his chest as a souvenir of Jackie Carmichael’s aggressive rebound during their recent game. Things were looking good for Carmichael and his teammates as he made this play with less than 60 seconds left to play. 

However, Cotton would have the last laugh as his team staged an incredible comeback to win the game, reeling off eight points in 41 seconds to snatch a one-point victory (68-67) from the jaws of defeat.

“Some people on campus were calling me ‘Jackie Chan Carmichael’ If it wasn’t such a bad memory, I might keep it,” said Carmichael, according to USA Today.

“Anyone who watches me knows I’m not a dirty player. I saw (the replay). If I was someone who wasn’t at the game in our fanbase, I guess I would think it was intentional. I’m looking at it from my point of view, though, and I didn’t mean it. I went up for a rebound like I usually do.”

Check out ‘Jackie Chan Carmichael’ in action: