Jeremy Hoornstra Sets a New World Record Raw Bench Press

The 266-pound firefighter sets a new mark of 675 pounds.

Jeremy Hoornstra 675 pound raw lift

Jeremy Hoornstra executed an awesome feat of strength at the recent Hardcore Powerlifting Federation's "Kings of the Bench Press" contest in Conroe, Texas. Hoornstra, who weighed in at 266 pounds, was participating in the 275-pound division at the meet, which is held in conjunciton with the NPC Branch Warren Classic. The father of two and firefighter who works in Leesburg, Florida, set a new world record for a raw bench press when he bench-pressed 675 pounds.

Muscle & Fitness caught up with his trainer, Josh Bryant, to get his take on the record and what is was like to see Hoornstra hit such an impressive mark. “I think this certainly establishes Jeremy as the best bench presser of all-time,” Bryant told M&F. “Lots of preparation has gone into this, plus it couldn't happen to a better human being than Jeremy. His work ethic is unparalleled."

Hoornstra also owns the world record mark in the 242-pound division for the raw bench press, which stands at 661 pounds. "Jeremy was tired of cutting weight. His lifts will soar as he grows into this class," added Bryant, who went on to say even though Hoornstra has a demanding job and is a family man, he is able to find a way to put in the time and work necessary to excel at the elite level.

For Bryant, to be able to compete at the top demands a high level of sacrifice and commitment. As well as mentioning the importance of taking care of factors outside the gym such as nutrition, rest, and psychological preparation, one other factor is paramount. “Consistency is key. If you work out five times per week, that's 20 times per month. If you miss just one workout, you miss 5% of all your workouts. You would get fired at most jobs missing 5% of your work. As an elite strength athlete, you have to think like a business owner, not an employee."

Congratulations from all at M&F to Jeremy and Josh on the new record. Now, what's your excuse? Check out the record bench press below, and be sure to catch more of Josh Bryant's training tips later this week on the M&F site.

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