Breaking: The UFC just reinstated Jon Jones on its roster of active fighters and is in talks with him about a return to the Octagon. Jones released the following statement on Facebook:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to resume my career and I am excited to show how much I’ve grown as a person outside of the octagon. It took me losing almost everything I had worked for to realize how much I had. I am blessed and humbled by the continued support of the MMA community and I can’t thank my fans enough for their unwavering support through my ups and downs. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life and my career and let me assure you, the best is yet to come.”

Last week former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones posted a video of himself deadlifting a personal best 525 pounds. This week, Jones upped the ante by adding more weight and performing the lift off the floor. When all was said and done, Jones tallied a powerful 545-pound deadlift that impressed all those in attendance.

Here’s the 222-pound Jones deadlifting his personal record. According to Jones, it’s the first time he’s deadlifted off the floor in 6 weeks.

Wondering why you haven’t seen Jones in the octagon lately? Earlier this year, the light heavyweight phenom was stripped of his title for fleeing the scene of an accident in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Since then, he’s been working hard to maintain his level of strength and fitness. No official word has come down as to if and when Jones’ suspension form the UFC will be lifted. However, should that time come anytime soon, it looks as if the former champ will be ready. In case you missed it, here’s his previous deadlift PR just notched last week.