No human has ever bench pressed anything close to 800 pounds before, but powerlifting sensation Julius Maddox looks primed to break that proverbial wall. 

The Kentuckian recently posted an Instagram video in which he set a new world bench press record at 755 pounds—11 pounds more than his last record. He’s simply not human. 

The lift wasn’t done in a powerlifting contest, so it’s technically not an official record, but we don’t think anyone’s going to argue semantics here. 



It’s a little disturbing how easy Maddox made that look. There was no wobble in his arms, and he got up from it as if he was just warming up with an empty bar. As 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall put it in an Instagram comment, “F*****g ridiculous.” 

This is now the third time Maddox has broken the world bench press record. In August, he benched 739.6 pounds, breaking the previous world record of 738.5 pounds held by Kirill Sarychev. Then in November, he benched 744.1 pounds at the Rob Hall Classic in Austin, TX. 

He’s been set on becoming the first person to bench 800 pounds. At this rate, it’s a matter of when, not if, he’ll do it.