It’s a big world and there are a lot of strong people living in it (like this woman and this guy). And, frankly, there’s not enough time to give every savage a shout out, but Keith Correa—a 148- and 165-pound USPA powerlifter—deadlifting 700 pounds deserves some publicity.

That’s almost five times his bodyweight. Pound-for-pound, Correa is stronger than a Musk Ox (which can pull 1.5 times its bodyweight), a Kodiak Bear (can pull 0.8 times its weight), and a freakin’ tiger (which can carry twice its weight). Oh, and he’s 22 years old.

This Apex Powerlifting Predator has won five of his eight meets, his most recent being in the 165-pound class at the 2017 DCS Fall Pen, posting a 1,400-pound total (452 squat, 314 bench, and 633 deadlift). In 2018, Correa got second at the highly competitive Kern US Open at 148 pounds, upping his deadlift to 667 and putting 100 pounds onto his total. Now just six months later, Correa managed to tack 33 more pounds onto his deadlift, setting himself up to have one hell of a competitive season in 2019.

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700 PR ?? Vc and hype: my DAWG @korean_enforcer ?

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