If you’ve ever wondered how comedian Kevin Hart stays in shape, you’re in luck. While vacationing in St. Lucia, Hart posted a quick workout to his Instagram with a message we can all get behind: you don’t need a gym to stay fit.

“No Gym No Problem,” he wrote in the caption. “It’s a lifestyle … more importantly it’s a hustle.” We can’t argue with that. Too many people tend to skip a workout while on vacation, or if they’re not near a gym. That can lead to lost gains or decreased strength if you take too long of a break. Hart’s post is a reminder that you need minimal equipment to keep your body in killer shape. 

Watch him in action here: 

Clearly, this routine is working for The Rock’s favorite human punching bag. Here he is looking abs-olutely shredded whole overlooking the beautiful island: 

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While we encourage taking a rest from lifting every now and then, think of Hart when you consider skipping one too many workouts. Your body will thank you for it, and you’ll look great on the beach, too.