It seems like every time we write about Larry Wheels it has to do with him exhibiting other-worldly strength — and this is no different. In one of his latest Instagram posts, Wheels posted a throwback to an astonishing 900-pound squat that almost made every vein in his neck and face protrude.

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900lbs x1 @teampersonalrecord @bradleymartyn

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That looked like it hurt a little bit, but not as much as him running foot-first into a barbell at the end of the video.

This may be a throwback, but it’s no less impressive than when he first shared the feat of strength back in 2018. Right now, he still holds the all-time world record for heaviest overall total at a powerlifting meet at 2,275 pounds (which he accomplished with a 810-lb. squat, 610-lb. bench press, and a 855-lb. deadlift). Seeing as this is the guy who created a company called Team Personal Record, we wouldn’t be too surprised if he’s looking to up that number in the near future.

Wheels is currently set on trying to break the all-time strict curl record, a lift he and YouTube creator Nick Miller have re-popularized in recent weeks. But we’ll take any crazy lift he posts in the meantime.