Lolo Jones is motivated to win an Olympic medal. After being one of the hottest prospects in the U.S. team that went to Beijing in 2008, her medal dreams came crashing down with her after she clipped one of the hurdles and fell while leading the 100m final.

As devastated as she was, she picked herself up and battled back to make the London 2012 team but could only finish fourth in that final. Olympic dream over, right? Wrong, Jones decided to try her hand at making the U.S. bobsledding team, and she succeeded (sprinters often are ideal as they can use their explosive power to propel the sled at the start of the race). However, Jones has decided to bulk up and gain mass in her effort to make the team for the Sochi games. Check out her update post on Instagram:

Jones’ own caption reads: “These used to be easier when I weighed 135lbs for Track. Now I weigh 155lbs! 7 lbs more to go. #sochi #winterOlympics.”

You have to admire her will to keep that medal dream alive, and though she can be a polarizing figure (Jones has done well from endorsement deals, but she was not shy to diss the pay that bobsledders earn earlier this year), she is really giving it a go to try and make the U.S. team for the Winter Olympics in Russia. More power to you Lolo!