Not everyone agrees on matters of gym etiquette, but most gym rules are just common sense. They go without saying. One obvious commandment: Keep your junk out of the weight plate. That area is strictly reserved for the barbell, not your penis.

But you know what they say about common sense—it’s anything but common. One German man proved it by getting his penis stuck in a 2.5kg weight plate at the gym. Apparently he ran into some complications, because he had to be hospitalized for his sudden “condition”. And when the medical team at the hospital couldn’t solve the issue alone, they called in the fire department, who had this to say:

According to a quick-and-dirty translation, the firefighters had to break out the power tools to rescue him: “With the help of the grinder, a vibrations saw and a hydraulic emergency, the dumbbell weight could be removed after three hours,” they wrote.

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We don’t even want to imagine how it feels to have an entire team of professionals staring at your junk.

It’s unclear what the guy was actually doing—the penis isn’t a muscle, people—but maybe he was trying figure out where he measures up in the penis area.

Moral of the story, people: Keep your penis out of a weight plate unless you want to possibly have a power saw inches away from it.

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