UFC 212 took place on June 3 at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the night’s main event, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo (26-3) took on interim champion Max Holloway (18-3), and lost in spectacular fashion via TKO. 

At first, it looked good for Aldo, who dictated the first 10 minutes of the fight, as Holloway looked flat. Aldo’s powerful boxing combinations have been a staple of his career, and in the first round he reminded us of that. With a flurry of punches, he stunned Holloway, landing a knee to the face:

Though, as the fight wore on, so did Aldo, and Holloway knew the fight was turning in his favor—so much so that he began to taunt Aldo:

In the third, Holloway was able to drop Aldo to the mats, and it was game over from there. This is how the match ended:

Here are fighters’ reactions to Holloway’s third-round finish of Aldo at UFC 212: