Floyd Mayweather took a break from his war of words with Ronda Rousey to shock media who expected to only see an open workout. In atypical Mayweather fashion, he arrived in his gym ready to spar and allowed cameras to follow. Over his long career, Mayweather has always insisted on no filming during his contact work, presumably to ensure that no opponents could glean any hints as to what strategy he might employ on fight night. However, the 48-0 star, who faces Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KOs) on September 12 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, decided that the press could watch him at work, and work he did.

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Mayweather sparred Ramon Montano and Don Moore during the contact session, and though he is widely expected to dominate Berto on September 12, he is not taking preparation lightly. As ESPN writer Dan Rafael points out, these rounds go on for a bit:

“Money” looked focused and fast on his feet, rolled his shoulders to avoid shots and was crisp and fast when he threw punches of his own. Check out a little cameo here:

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Here is the full session: