It’s really hard, practically impossible, to diss Floyd Mayweather Jr. financially. UFC champ Ronda Rousey made the attempt earlier this week when she said she makes more money per second than Mayweather while questioning his literacy. As you might expect, Mayweather was quick to counter, he even worked in some Rick Ross lyrics.

“Big bank take little bank,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports through a TMT member.  “Last time I checked I was No. 1 on Forbes.”

It’s not very often that you see Mayweather using Forbes to flash his funds, he’s usually a bit more ostentatious. Just this week he incorporated a large stack of cash into his heavy bag training to give himself extra motivation. We’re not sure if that was before or after he created a $10.6 million parking lot by parking his flock of luxury cars outside his gym. 

“[Ronda Rousey] will never be at my status,” Mayweather says. “Keep trying to get publicity.”