Floyd Mayweather has proposed a superfight against Conor McGregor to take place on New Year’s Eve, offering the UFC featherweight $50 million, according to TMZ Sports. Supposedly, McGregor is game for the fight, but it will take more than that for the match to happen.

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Even if McGregor wants the deal, the Irish MMA sensation has a contract with UFC, so president Dana White would have to green light the fight. While $50 million seems like a big number, McGregor has shown that he is a huge global draw for PPV sales in his recent UFC fights, so the number might be a little on the low side when that is taken into account. Also, given Money’s disappointing PPV sales from his last fight against Andre Berto, the offer seems stacked in Mayweather’s favor. 

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Mayweather has not contacted White, which lines up given White’s latest comments to ESPN.

“Is this thing going to be MMA or boxing rules?” White said. “Who’s getting the lion’s share of the money? This and that. It’s impossible. But like I’ve said, ‘Floyd, you want to fight Conor, call me.'” 

Will the fight happen? If Mayweather makes that phone call, it will be up to White to make the final decision.