Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s stock as the sexiest young star of track and field took another hike when she landed a spot in Sports Illustrated‘s infamous Swimsuit issue. The 19-year-old catapulted to fame last summer when her warm-up dance at a track meet went viral on YouTube.

In a video clip of the shoot, Jenneke, who is from Sydney, explained how happy she was to hear from the famous sports magazine. “I was absolutely amazed when I found out that Sports Illustrated wanted to shoot me,” she says.

Speaking of that little routine, she recounts that the moment that made her a star was somewhat off the cuff. “I wouldn’t even say that it is something that I came up with, it is just something that happened in one of my races. Someone got a hold of the footage and posted it on YouTube, and somehow it got a lot of hits.”

So, she is a super fit up-and-coming track star, humble, beautiful, bubbly, modest and fun-loving. Michelle Jenneke, you get our vote for dream Valentine date for 2013. What do you guys think?

There is never an excuse not to watch this video (it has over 21 million hits, and counting). Positive energy is contagious!