When it comes to “Top 10” Lists (or 5 in this case) everyone has their opinion on what belongs and what doesn’t. This, of course, definitely holds true for the greatest Super Bowl  plays of all time. Let’s face it, with countless Super Bowls having already been played, there’s a ton of great selections to choose from. We think we’ve found the cream of the crop, but, of course, there’s always room for debate. 

That being said, check out our list along with the accompanying videos and let us know what you think. Did we makes the right selections, or did we miss some? Let us know what your top 5 all-time Super Bowl plays are. 

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#5 – John Elway’s Helicopter 

Quarterback John Elway, giving it his all in the greatest Denver Bronco game of all time. This run for a first down inspired the Broncos to pull off a huge upset win over Green Bay for the team’s first Super Bowl win.

#4 – The Reverse Field Run 

In Super Bowl XVI, Marcus Allen left defenders in the dust during this 74 yard, reverse field run. The play further widened the lead, and helped the Los Angeles Raiders cruise to an easy victory over the Washington Redskins 38 to 9.

#3 – The Longest Yard

In this thriller it all came down tothe last play of the game. Steve McNair had the Tennessee Titans driving down the field for the game tying touchdown. With time left for just one last play, McNair connected with Dyson over the middle who looked like he was going in for the score, until Rams linebacker Mike Jones made a game winning tackle at the one yard line to help the St. Louis Rams win their first Super Bowl. 

#2 – The Helmet Catch

Eli manning escapes 3 sacks then throws a bomb to David Tyree who makes an amazing catch using his helmet. Not only does it lead to the winning New York Giants TD, but it also puts an end to the New England Patriots‘ perfect season.

#1 – The 100 Yard Pick for Six

Pittsburgh Steeler’s linebacker James Harrison’s picks off of Arizona’s Kurt Warner at the goal line and rambles 100 yards down the field for a touchdown just before halftime of Super Bowl XLIII. The incredible play by Harrison caused a probable 14-point swing in the Steelers’ 27-23 victory