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The 10-Minute Super Bowl Halftime Workout

Ditch the band and spend halftime burning junk food carbs.

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The 10-Minute Halftime Workout
The 10-Minute Halftime Workout

The Super Bowl rivals Thanksgiving as one of the most indulgent days of the year. We can’t be blamed for having a massive treat day for one of the biggest sports event of the year, can we?  Even if you won’t be training at halftime precisely, here is a quick and effective way to burn off some football deliciousness without even leaving your home. If you clear out some space to try this 10-minute halftime workout, you’ll be done before the headliner belts out their last tune!

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Before trying this, spend the first four minutes warming up. Walking up stairs is just one great way to get the blood flowing. Just give it a try; by continuously moving and activating all the big muscle groups, you’ll tax your systems before you know it! You might even have time to shower before heading back to watch the second half.


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The Halftime Workout

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