There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance for an MMA fighter, and Joe Harding learned the hard way what happens when you cross it. 

During a bout between Harding and Johan Segas at BCMMA 18 in Essex, England, over-confidence got the better of Harding. Following a kick to Segas’ lower body, Harding began to celebrate with a little dance for his hometown crowd, completely looking away from his opponent.

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This proved to be a dumb move on Harding’s part because Segas pounced at the opportunity, catching him with a kick right under the chin knocking Harding out cold. Segas then landed a few more jabs to the head for good measure before the referee stopped the fight.

May this be a lesson for everyone, don’t underestimate your opponent and do not, under any circumstance, celebrate too early.