New John Cena Action Figure Designed In Collaboration with Make-A-Wish

The design was created from scratch by Make-A-Wish kid Alex Mendoza.


Meeting your hero is one thing, but what if you got to design his latest product?

For Alex "The Bulldog" Mendoza, that's exactly what he got to do—courtesy of Make-A-Wish.

Mendoza visited the Mattel offices to work with the designers of the WWE toy line to create a unique John Cena action figure. He opted for a red, white, and blue design, which we think is pretty fitting—after all, few things are more American than John Cena.

Cena himself was impressed with Mendoza's figure: "The cool thing was, he had an explanation for every single thing...he had a purpose behind every decision, he wasn't just doing things for the sake of doing things." Cena even presented Mendoza with an action figure of his very own. Cena is no stranger to Make-A-Wish, being the current record holder with more than 500 wishes granted.

And you can own Mendoza's creation for yourself—the figure is available exclusively at Toys R Us, with preorders launching this week ahead of the official release next month. Also, a dollar of every figure sold goes to Make-A-Wish, so hopefully more kids get to live out their dream like Mendoza.