Another day, another jaw-dropping video of Larry Wheels lifting some ungodly amount of weight. This time, Mr. Wheels decided to casually bench 405 pounds for a set of 25 (25!).

What can you even say at this point? Is it more impressive than his 225-bench with one arm? Or his 500 pound bench for a set of 11 from last week? Or 500-pound incline bench for a set of six? At this point, any time Larry is in the gym with Instagram open, you’re likely to see a feat that very few (if any) other people on the entire planet can match. He’s also deadlifting 855 pounds for reps and shoulder pressing the equivalent weight of a full-grown grizzly bear. So that begs the question: What’s his ceiling? If he stays healthy, he’s probably not even close to it, which is just frightening to think about. 

Oh, on top of all that, the guy is just 23 years old.