Judging by Ryan Lochte’s first episode on Dancing with the Stars it appears the Olympic swimmer is still recovering from his little stunt in Brazil just a few weeks ago. 

Last night on the season premier of DWTS, Lochte was reminded of that when two protesters rushed the stage wearing anti-Lochte t-shirts just after the swimmer’s performance. Lochte was receiving feedback from the judges when both men jumped on stage to give the stunned Olympian a piece of their mind before one was tackled like he was on Monday Night Football.

Both protesters were removed from the venue and later arrested but the damage had already been done. Lochte was later asked by CNN about what had happened and responded by saying, “at that moment I was really heartbroken, my heart just sunk.”

For those not familiar with the scandal in Rio De Janeiro last month, Lochte admitted to fictionalizing a story about what happened at a gas station after a night on the town with some fellow American athletes. He claimed he and the other swimmers had been robbed, when in reality, that never really happen. What did happen however was that the athletes vandalized a local business, and pissed off a lot of locals in the process, causing an international uproar.

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