Somehow, throughout all his ongoing projects, Dwayne Johnson found some time on Easter Sunday to spend with his family. 

This involved chasing around his daughter, Jasmine, while wearing a Pikachu costume that he believes went up to 118°. It looks like he may want to start training in inclement weather to keep up with his daughter. As you can see in the video below, he looks pretty gassed, but we will let him tell the full story in the caption. 

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For the upcoming season of Ballers, Johnson gave us a sneak peek at a scene he was filming. What makes this so funny is, according to him, he intentionally disobeyed the prop master’s wishes and cracked the pricey helmet by not throwing it on the designated blanket. 

Overall, it looks like The People’s Champ had a successful weekend—and we have some new content to look forward to.  

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