Few words are needed in this promo for the upcoming season of the smash HBO hit Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In this humorous clip shared on Johnson’s Instagram, we get a quick look at some of those we can expect to see on the edgy show this summer, and their very brief thoughts on the upcoming season.

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Whether you’re a fan of “The Rock,” the NFL, beautiful women in bikinis, or just good comedy with top-notch acting, you’ll love this show about the high-drama dealings with high-maintenance athletes, and all the hilarity that ensues.

Set in Miami (for the first two seasons), the show follows the pursuits of Spencer Strasmore (Johnson)—a former pro football star now trying to find success off the field as a financial manager for current players. And who better to deal with all those big egos than “The Rock?”

For the upcoming 3rd season, “The Rock,” along with the rest of the Ballers crew, will be heading west to shoot the series in California, where there’s also no shortage of sunshine and beautiful bodies. So be prepared to say “Ahhhhh, you sexy mothaf*ckas!”

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