Polish powerlifter Krzysztof Wierzbicki is known for his deadlifting, and he pushed it to the limit this past weekend with an incredible 432.5kg (953.5-pound) equipped deadlift for an unofficial all-time world record, Barbend reports.

Wierzbicki, also known as Mr. Deadlift, pulled off the feat at this past weekend’s Deadlift Challenge III in the Czech Republic. He weighed in at 216.2 pounds and competed in the “Monster Division,” according to Open Powerlifting, meaning his epic lift was 4.4 times his bodyweight.

Wierzbicki’s lift at the Czechia-UA-sanctioned event nudged Cailer Woolam, aka Dr. Deadlift, out of the top spot by a three-pound margin. Woolam broke the all-time world record in the 100kg class back in April with a raw 950.2-pound lift at the Kern US Open.

Unofficial or not, Wierzbicki’s record-breaking lift is impressive as hell. Woolam even shared a post to congratulate the Polish powerhouse.