Ten years ago, Kurt Warner’s doctor told him he had high cholesterol. Since Warner was still playing in the NFL at the time, he was shocked, and soon came to the realization that diet and exercise were obviously not enough for him to keep his numbers in check. Warner learned that he was genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, and needed a combination of diet, exercise and medication to ultimately get his cholesterol under control.

Now the Super Bowl XXXIV MVP and two-time league MVP wants his story told, and for men and women everywhere to get their cholesterol checked and keep their total number at a healthy level. Kurt and his wife Brenda now promote the First and Goal Heart Health campaign—FirstandGoalHeartHealth.com—where you can learn more about cholesterol and how Kurt treats his condition.

Warner stopped by the M&F offices to tell his story, talk about the campaign—and yes, chime in on a few football issues, including how the NFL Combine is overrated, the Jets and Giants quarterback situations, and the infamous non-reviewed call that ended Super Bowl XLIII.