After weeks of build-up, the conflict between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman is finally coming to a head.

Weeks ago, Strowman tried to cash his Money in the Bank briefcase in for a title shot at Reigns’ Universal championship, but he was thwarted before the match started by Reigns’ old partners, “The Shield.” Strowman later announced he’d cash in his briefcase in for the one match where “The Shield” couldn’t help Reigns: Inside Hell in a Cell.

This week, the stakes were higher, with legendary Hell in the Cell competitor Mick Foley announcing that he’d be the special guest referee for the match on Sunday.

Before Raw ended for the night, Strowman came to the ring to call Reigns out one last time and make clear that he wasn’t going to let Foley get in his way. Before he could finish, Reigns’ entrance music kicked in.

But Strowman didn’t even wait for Reigns to show up. He ran toward the stage before Reigns could enter the ring, and the two exchanged blows.

While Strowman got some hits in and taunted Reigns with his own belt, Reigns ultimately got the upper hand and managed to slam Strowman through the stage with a massive Samoan Drop. Battered but still standing, Reigns then left the stage.

With mere days before the match, we’ll see if Strowman recovers completely before Hell in a Cell. Even after the devastating stage slam, we’re pretty sure he’ll be fine: He’s not called the “Monster Among Men” for nothing, after all.

Watch Hell in a Cell live from AT&T Center in Connecticut on September 16, exclusively on the WWE Network.