'The Rock' Adds an Advertising Agency to His Creative Empire

He's back at it again, but not without the help of his business partner, Dany Garcia.

Robert Ascroft

How many times can Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson prove he’s more than just a set of muscles? The answer: endlessly.

On Monday, Johnson and longtime business partner Dany Garcia announced they would be adding to the Seven Bucks brand with Seven Bucks Creative, an advertising agency. When we’re talking the same creative minds that brought you the revamp of Jumanji, we’re thinking consumers can expect some pretty damn creative ads.

In a new Ad Age cover story, Johnson admits his many ventures—including Seven Bucks' Olympia Takeover—would not have been possible without Garcia, who also happens to be his ex-wife.

"What Dany brought was instilling the confidence," Johnson told Ad Age. “Her astute business background and acumen helped tremendously, too.”

With the new agency getting off the ground in plenty of time for Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, 2018, we can’t wait to see the hilarious commercials that'll no doubt have us chuckling into our beers.