Dwayne Johnson continues to not only hang with the big names in the entertainment world, but leapfrog over them at a blazing rate. 

He was recently ranked at #34 on The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Most Powerful People in Entertainment list. As impressive a feat as that is, he’s also the highest ranking actor on the list. 

The list is compiled based on objective factors like “the size of the person’s empire, access to vast sums of money, or the number of series a showrunner has on the air and their ratings.” There are also subjective factors such as “heat around town: ‘juice,’ for lack of a better word.” 

In THR‘s reasoning for Johnson’s ranking, it noted the bewildering number of projects he has in the pipeline, including the upcoming film adaptation of Rampage, Jumanji, and Skyscraper, to name a few. Even with that workload, though, Johnson still finds time to have fun on set—below is a clip of him “butchering” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent.

Schwarzenegger was clearly a huge influence on Johnson, being that both of the superstars came from a non-acting background. 

Next up for “The Rock” is the airing of Season 3 of the HBO series Ballers on July 23.