Dwayne Johnson took some time out of his busy schedule to take over Forbes‘ Instagram and share some of his #ChaseYourGreatness tips, and the result was just as awesome as you’d expect. He shared some awesome advice that everyone should take, considering how well it’s worked out for him so far.

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“Keep your vision as clear as possible as you forge ahead and remember we never want to just play in the game… we want to change the way the game is played,” Johnson advised in his second tip. Having a clear vision, he said, has allowed him to connect with fans in a more powerful and authentic way through social media.

His third tip is a classic: surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals.

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If you want to reach your goals, according to The Rock, you need to persevere. This tip is a great one for life in general, but also for workout goals. He didn’t find success overnight, and he is very transparent about it.

The Rock’s last tip was to follow your gut. He said that his gut is his most trusted advisor, and his advice is that yours should be too.

There you have it, The Rock’s tips to help you along as you #ChaseYourGreatness. Follow his Instagram @TheRock for more of his tips and tricks to find success.