It’s hard to believe that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were best friends just months ago.

After Summerslam, however, that all changed. Lynch, furious at Charlotte for getting a last-second opportunity for the Smackdown championship, attacked Flair after she won the belt. The two have been at odds ever since.

This week it seemed like there would be a brief respite before Flair and Lynch’s match at Hell in a Cell. Flair was slated to take on Sonya Deville to prove that she hasn’t lost a step since becoming Smackdown champion.

Ultimately, she proved her point. Deville couldn’t deal with Flair’s renowned athletic skill, and eventually fell victim to the “Figure Eight” submission hold.

However, the end of the match was where the real fight began.

As Charlotte was leaving the ring, she stopped to pose with a group of fans. Suddenly, she got pulled away from the crowd by none other than Becky Lynch, who was hiding in the audience.

This time, Charlotte took the brunt of the assault, eventually getting trapped in Lynch’s Dis-Arm-Her hold.

Will Lynch’s mind games prove successful against “The Queen”? We won’t have to wait long to find out, as they’ll be facing off at Hell in a Cell.

Watch Hell in a Cell live from the AT&T Center in Connecticut on September 16, exclusively on the WWE Network.