Over the past few weeks, it’s been clear that Samoa Joe’s attempts to get into AJ Styles’s head have been working.

At Summerslam, their championship match ended in disqualification after Styles attacked Joe with a steel chair when Joe taunted Styles’s wife and daughter. At Hell in a Cell, Styles was able to get a pin, but it was later revealed that the referee didn’t see Styles tapping out to the Coquina Clutch just before the three-count.

But what Joe did next was shocking, even after all of the threats he’s made to Styles and his family.

On Smackdown last night, General Manager Paige hosted the contract signing for the next match between Joe and Styles, slated for Super Show-Down in Australia. She announced that the match would have no disqualifications, in order to guarantee a clear winner. While Styles made his way to the ring, Joe was nowhere to be found.

Styles used this opportunity to berate Joe for his dirty tactics, but suddenly a familiar face came on the Titan-Tron: Samoa Joe.

And he was at AJ Styles’s house.

The always-threatening Joe then told a terrified Styles that he should remember how helpless he feels right now, because that’s how he’s going to feel after he loses at Super Show-Down.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened next, but for Styles’s sake, we sure hope his family didn’t answer the door.