WWE female sensation and Total Diva’s star, Paige, has taken the sports entertainment world by storm, winning the Women’s Championship during her first ever appearance on Monday Night Raw in 2014. Muscle & Fitness caught up with Paige as she prepared for a return to the UK, getting the lowdown on what it’s like to stay in elite physical condition while maintaining a hectic travel schedule.

M&F: Your family will no doubt be ringside as you perform in arenas all over Europe next week, but you left your home in Norwich, England, to enter the WWE in the United States, was that scary?

Paige: It was. I was only 19 and didn’t know anyone. I was kind of the odd one out when I first got here, but over time, it began to feel like family.

Who helped you out during that time?

People like Lita and Natalya Neidhart were great to me, which was so amazing since these were people I’d seen on TV. I’d looked up to them before I got here.

Paige 01

You and Natalya must have a lot in common since both of your dads are in the business?

We do. We go out there and have extremely physical matches. It’s understood between us that we are just trying to go out there and entertain in the best way that we know how.

How often do you workout?

It can be hard to find somewhere to train, but when we are on the road it’s usually 3 – 4 times per week. I love to lift weights, so squats and snatches are the things I like to do. I’m not a fan of cardio, but I do like to sprint. When we need that extra workout some of us will run up and down an arena staircase!

What do you miss the most from England?

I miss family and certain comfort foods from back home like scotch eggs or a cheeky Nando’s. There are a few Nando’s (a chicken restaurant) here but not many and they are spread out. I miss Sunday roast dinners, but I make my own Yorkshire puddings. I can cook.

The combination of late nights, hard to find gyms, and fast food on the road must be challenging?

It really is. It’s so tempting when the only place open is a burger joint. We motivate each other to workout on days where one of us is tired and look out for each other to make sure we are all eating right.

Paige 03

You are going to be back in the UK with WWE in a few days, will you get time to see the family?

The schedule is tough so there is no time for me to go back to (the family home in) Norwich, but they will always try and make it over to an arena to see me in action.

The NXT brand, which you helped put on the map, is expanding; they too will be touring your home country again this June.  You must be proud about that?

I was the first NXT Women’s Champion when it was just getting off the ground. To see where they are at now makes me proud to have been a part of it from the beginning.  It’s so amazing to now see them selling out 15,000 seat arenas. They are given such great opportunities by WWE. It’s very cool.

At 23 years of age, Paige has the world at her feet. Although young, she is considered a veteran after making her in-ring debut at just 13. Muscle & Fitness bets that Paige will be wearing the WWE Women’s Championship again very soon. Fit, fiery, and a great cook… don’t turn this Paige!

WWE Returns to the UK and Europe before heading back to the United States. For more information on where you can see WWE live, visit: WWE Events.

All photos provided courtesy of WWE.