More than 700 athletes from 32 countries took part in the inaugural (and virtual) Unbreakable 24 challenge put on by Spartan Race CEO Joe De Sena and his ilk of torturers. In short, you had to stream yourself and follow directions for 24 hours. If Joe and Co. say jump, crawl, eat raw onions, you do it or you’re out. If your transmission drops outs for more than 10 minutes, you’re out.

Here’s a taste of what the challenge entailed:

  • 12-hour barbed wire crawl
  • 3,000 burpees
  • moving 2,000-pound boulders
  • completing crossword puzzles
  • holding yoga poses on soup cans
  • 60 consecutive minutes of burpees, pushups, and mountain climbers

All told, just four badasses finished. They completed the equivalent of an 86K and 135 obstacles, all while carrying out whacked out orders, including scarfing down peeled onions.

Having covered the Spartan Death Race twice — the twisted, essentially ruleless 50-to-70-hour ball-buster that takes place at De Sena’s Vermont farm each summer — Unbreakable 24 was part DR, part ultra-marathon, and part team-building.

If there was any doubt, this confirms it: Joe De Sena is a f*cking madman.

Here’s a glimpse of how the 24-hour test of athleticism and grit went down: