Strongman Zydrunas Savickas broke the world record for the most cars pulled by one man when he hauled 12 Nissan Notes for five meters in Druskininkai, Lithuania, earlier this month.

Savickas, who pulled a total of 28,530 pounds to set the new mark, is a three-time World Strongest Man title holder and came second in this year’s event to Brian Shaw.

“It is always great to set a new record. Once I got into my stride pulling the 12 Nissan Notes was fine. Obviously, a big thank you to Nissan for helping me set the record and making it all possible,” said Savickas, according to World Record Academy.

Check out the footage:

Since it is the most wonderful time of the year, check out Santa Claus, also known as Canadian strongman Kevin Fast, pulling the heaviest sleigh (43,982 pounds) in the world for 30 meters. Great job guys!