WE don’t mess around here when it comes to competition. After hours and hours of Internet research (not really), we discovered that the most famous ladies to shake a pom-pom for the teams vying for the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVII this weekend are Teri Hatcher, who shook her thing for the San Francisco 49ers in 1984, and Stacy Keibler, who danced for the Baltimore Ravens in 2000.

So, M&Fers, which one would you prefer to have prancing around in a tight cheerleading uniform for you when you need some motivation? We decided to bring some serious science into our decision-making process and broke it down into categories:

Toughness: Stacy Keibler is a former WWE wrestler. Teri Hatcher survived eight seasons of Desperate Housewives. It’s close, but Keibler might take this one. Barely.

Looks: Guys, both these ladies are a 10. So it comes down to personal choice. Over to you. A tie.

Super Hero Ties: Teri Hatcher was able to make Superman do anything she wanted with a flutter of her eyelashes and a coy smile when she starred as Lois Lane to Dean Cain’s Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran for four seasons. Stacy Keibler’s boyfriend is none other than George Clooney, who played the caped crusader in Batman and Robin back in 1997. Verdict: Hatcher: Her show had a good run, and Clooney has often cited this career choice as a serious mistake.

We’re stuck on a tie, so we are going to ask you to choose between these two extraordinary ladies.

Check out Teri Hatcher ( if you look close enough) in action for the 49ers cheerleading squad back in the ’80s:

Meanwhile, here is Stacy Keibler in action in the WWE: