These "Senior" Bodybuilders Still Look Hilariously Jacked

The viral Face App has given us a sneak peek of The Rock, Andre Ferguson, and more as senior citizens.

These "Senior" Bodybuilders Still Look Jacked

Is lifting weights and staying fit the key to staying forever young? If the viral Face App is any indication, some bodybuilders, WWE Superstars, and actors will be looking like silver foxes well into their retirement. Others, not so much (sorry, Andre Ferguson).

While some previous Muscle & Fitness and FLEX cover stars already took to Instagram to show aged versions of themselves, we decided to dig through our archives and test the app out on some former cover M&F models.

We have to give it to them, though—even with grayer hair and prune-like skin, these "senior" musclemen are still jacked.

Check out some of our favorites via Instagram:






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