Muscle & Fitness and FLEX have long been known for putting the spotlight on some of the biggest guys around. Professional bodybuilders, WWE Superstars, and action movie mainstays alike have graced covers and appeared on training pages, and it all adds up to a lot of muscle. Many, if not most, of those stars can look pretty intimidating as they stare you down from the pages of a magazine, but Snapchat’s “baby face” filter changes that. Spoiler alert: it’s absolutely hilarious.

With their bulging muscles, intense expressions, and spot-on posing, bodybuilders make for unlikely, yet perfect baby face transformations. The filter smooths and plumps their faces, but their anatomy chart muscles stay the same. Armed with open Snapchat apps set to the trendy filter, we did some flipping through the pages of M & F and FLEX to find some of the biggest actors, bodybuilders, and celebrities, and the following selection of absurdly jacked “babies” ensued.

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