Turns out that AJ Styles taking on Brock Lesnar isn’t the only surprise, last-minute change for Survivor Series this Sunday.

In the beginning of Raw this week, Stephanie McMahon verbally assaulted General Manager Kurt Angle for choosing his (in kayfabe) son Jason Jordan as the fifth member of the Raw team for Survivor Series, arguing that he doesn’t hold a candle to Smackdown‘s fifth member, John Cena:

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McMahon appeared to be ready to fire Angle, but The Shield interrupted her and stood up for him—in addition to telling McMahon that they would get revenge on The New Day for humiliating the cast of Raw last week.

With mounting pressure from McMahon, Angle reluctantly took Jason Jordan off the team. While Jordan pleaded with Angle to keep him on the team, Triple H made a surprise appearance and told the crowd, “The fifth member of team Raw…is ME!” Mic drop.

Just to drive the point home, “The Game” kicked Jordan and delivered a Pedigree before leaving the ring. We’d say that sends a pretty clear message.

Survivor Series airs live on the WWE Network this Sunday, November 19.

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