WWE’s Crown Jewel was more than just costly from a public relations perspective; the company also took a hit when Triple H suffered a torn pec at the event during his match with Shawn Michaels against The Undertaker and Kane.

The company confirmed the injury within hours of the event, and it was revealed that Triple H would be getting surgery this week to repair the damage. And if you know anything about torn pecs, you know that—well—they’re not pretty. For the morbidly curious, Triple H just took to Instagram to show off what the injury looks like in the days after.

Needless to say, if you’re squeamish, occupy yourself with something more attractive (we suggest our article on WWE’s ugliest ring attire).

Still with us? Great—prepare yourself for some bruising!

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff that strikes fear into the heart of anyone that has even gotten on the bench press. Even by torn pec standards, this one is pretty gnarly. 

Now, this injury will have ripple effects for WWE moving forward. At Smackdown 1000, Batista made his return and teased a confrontation with Triple H, possibly leading to a match at some point. And there’s always the possibility that Triple H and HBK would get a rematch against Kane and Undertaker down the line—perhaps Survivor Series?

A torn pec could lead to a recovery time of five to six months, which would have Triple H perilously close to missing WrestleMania. And for a 49-year-old, it’s no guarantee that he’ll even make it back within that timetable.