“The Big Show” might be out of WWE competition for a while, but that doesn’t mean he’s just playing Destiny 2 all day.

In a recent post to social media, “Show” took a selfie showing off the result of his most recent trip to the gym, nearly three weeks after having hip surgery:

Considering how jacked he looks in this photo, it’s a miracle he didn’t accidentally crush his iPhone.

Since early this year, “Show” has been chronicling his quest to lose weight and build mass, going as far as to lose a whopping 90lbs (from 463 to 373). In the past, “Show” has credited John Cena for encouraging him to build a six-pack.

Later this week, “Show” posted a video on social media, thanking his fans and the WWE Universe for their support of him post-surgery. In the video, “Show” jokes that he’s “like Wolverine now” thanks to his new metal hip.

“Show,” 45, has previously said that he’s considering retiring when his current WWE contract expires next year. One can only hope he goes on one final rampage before throwing in the towel.

Big Show

Big Show Opens Up About His Amazing Weight Loss

The WWE Superstar credits John Cena for inspiring him.

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