Are you having a bad day? Is work piling up? Did you cheat on your diet and are now feeling guilty about it? Well shut up for a minute and watch this 20-year-old absolutely dominate a box jump.

According to ESPN‘s Twitter page, the young man is named Tim and he’s a participant of the NubAbility Athletics Foundation, a nonprofit that inspires congenital and traumatic amputees through sports. As you can see in the video below, Tim doesn’t have arms, which are huge drivers when performing a box jump. This means that he needs to rely solely on his legs to jump up nearly two feet—which is no easy feat.


You can tell that Tim is nervous. He tries to get his feet on the box a few times, but is clearly psyching himself out. As the video goes on, Tim’s friends at NubAbility are continually hyping him up, which, in turn, hypes us the hell up. When he finally nails the jump, everyone around him explodes with excitement.

This video is a joyful reminder that there’s always someone out there who has it harder than you. No matter what obstacle is in your way, you can always leap over it.