Vin Diesel & a S**t Ton of Horsepower Make The Perfect Recipe for New Three-Part Dodge Commercial

Nothing like watching Dominic Toretto smoke up some tires over a dramatic church bell-filled soundtrack.

The Fate of the Furious has been in theaters for more than two record-breaking weeks now, which can only mean Dodge is ready to sell us their new, menacing high-performance vehicles. Of course Vin Diesel had to make an appearance, being that he has driven a muscle car in every Fast & Furious film in which he has appeared. 

All three of the trailers have their own theme, the leadoff above being “Rally Cry,” and the two below being “Monsters” and “Sheperds.” Underneath the flashy cars and aggressive driving is a dramatic voiceover from Diesel, Dominic Toretto-style. 

For Dodge specifically, its latest and greatest feat has been its obnoxious 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which was revealed at the New York International Auto Show. However, in the commercials you can catch Diesel in the Challenger SRT Hellcat, a Charger SRT Hellcat, and a Durango R/T.