Sometimes you just get the urge to hit the bench press. At least, that seems to be the case for a 75-year-old security guard at Kennesaw State University’s gym who benched 225 pounds for reps, wowing a group of men a quarter his age in the process.

Instagram user Jalil Kuku (@jalilkuku) recorded the session, which you can watch here:

According to Kuku, the unnamed man was patrolling the gym before he sat down and benched 135 for six or seven reps. He then said, “I’m just warming up, can’t be a p**** your whole life, add another 45,” according to the post’s caption. That’s when Kuku started recording.

The guard looked a bit unsteady under the new weight at first, and another lifter moved in to spot him. But after a quick readjustment, he powered through five reps at 225, surprising his spotter and everyone else at the gym. The other men in the video are clearly impressed, and so are we.

The security guard’s apparent affinity for the bench press just goes to show that you’re never too old to pump iron. But please, no matter your age, get someone to spot you before you go for it.