If Hollywood’s looking for another athlete to turn into an action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a suggestion.

The legendary actor attended J.J. Watt’s charity softball event over the 2017 Mother’s Day weekend, and came away very impressed by the Houston Texans’ defensive end.

Schwarzenegger was in Houston to give the commencement speech for the University of Houston, but he made some time to come to Watt’s event:

Schwarzenegger said Watt, who has previously appeared in the films Bad Moms and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, could be in line for a big post-football career.

“Hollywood is champing at the bit to get him in the movies and make him one of the next action heroes,” Schwarzenegger said at the event, according to The Houston Chronicle. “It would be very easy for him to be an action hero in the movies.”

Schwarzenegger spoke to fans at the event and spoke about supporting after-school programs for kids, something he has championed in recent years:

The day before the charity event, Schwarzenegger gave the commencement speech for graduates at the University of Houston. Schwarzenegger got a standing ovation after his speech and left things with a classic line, saying “hasta la vista, and I’ll be back.”


Arnold also found time to ride around Houston on a bike, something he often does while home in California to go to the gym to work out every morning: