With less than two weeks to go until WWE Summerslam, where Brock Lesnar is set to defend his Universal Championship, the WWE superstar skyrocketed the hype for the show.

In a promo for Monday Night Raw, Lesnar went on Miz TV where he and his manager/hypeman Paul Heyman jawed with The Miz and his goons for a while before the inevitable Tasmanian Devil-like Lesnar brawl. 

Heyman flipped his mic away and promptly exited stage-left, leaving the Beast Incarnate alone with Miz and his partners. What followed was what Heyman called “a preview of Summerslam,” or what anyone else would call an absolute ass-kicking. 

Lesnar is just about the best in the business when it comes to just going purely insane on some jobbers, and the following video is exhibit A.

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Arrest Brock Lesnar. He just murdered everyone ??

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