Bruce Willis is back on the big screen and this time he goes from a suburban surgeon to a no mercy vigilante. 

The plot sounds like a typical Hollywood action flick, but Death Wish seems to set itself apart with brutal violence and aggressive kill shots. Willis is playing Dr. Paul Kersey, an emergency room surgeon who is drawn to a life of crime following the murder of his wife. As you can see, Willis took matters into his own hands and put the pain on quite a few people. 

The origins of the movie comes from Brian Garfield’s novel Death Wish, according to That novel was turned into a movie, back in 1974, and now we have the remake. The film will be directed by Eli Roth who’s work includes The Last Exorcism, Inglorious Bastards, and The Man with the Iron Fists

The action thriller is set for a Nov. 22 release date later this year.