“His time has come,” Hugh Jackman writes on a new Logan motion poster recently shared to the actor’s Instagram account.

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Jackman’s time playing the iconic role—Wolverine, a rebellious and easily-enraged adamantium-clawed mutant—has indeed come to an end with the arrival of Logan in theatres Friday, March 3. From his early days in the original X-Men trilogy to now, Wolverine has become one of the most memorable and recognizable characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in the new motion poster for Logan, which will be Wolverine’s final film, fans can watch Jackman’s epic physical journey throughout the years.

Nowadays, Wolverine is looking a little worse for the wear, but you’ll have to hit the movie theatre and see Logan for yourself to find out exactly how he got there. Check out Jackman’s incredible transformation in the video above.

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