Maybe it’s because he took a swipe at The Rock’s face, or tried to knock him out with a headbutt. Whatever the reason, the outcome is truly unfortunate for actor Logan Paul. In this edition of the humorous series of videos from Seven Bucks Productions, Johnson regrettably informs the enthusiastic actor that once again his scene was cut from one of his movies. This time it was Baywatch

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“Unfortunately, your part in the movie got cut out. It fuc%in’ sucks, but it’s the truth,” The Rock sadly tells the young actor. While Logan is devastated, the news shouldn’t come as so much of a shock, since apparently it’s happened before. “This is like the ninth time this has happened man,” said the frustrated actor. He then goes on to rattle off those Dwayne Johnson films –Scorpion King, Central Intelligence, Fast & Furious, Hercules where his scenes were all put on the chopping block. 

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In the end, it’s not a total disaster for Logan Paul, who discovers that The Rock has plans for him after all. Check out the very funny video above to see exactly what he has in mind.